Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thursday Thirteen - A little inspiration

  1. I want this pin cushion thanks
    Tilly - her tutorial is here

  2. Cutest ,award winning heart warming animated video -
    The Present
    from Jacob Frey on Vimeo.
    reminds me of our three legged Cross Australian Silky Terrier ~ Toby.

  3. This post by Maxabella Loves on The Truth about Losing is GOLD. Closing the gap on winners and those who finish behind them.

  4. Fancy this !  sex education video from Norway shown on public television - I'll need it sooner than I think with 2 boys heading into double digits this year.
    Hilarious and brilliant.  Thanks Catherine Deveny 

  5. I just watched 'That Sugar Film' very enlightening ...have you seen it . Join Presto for a month's free trial and watch it. Come back and share your thoughts.

  6.  Kirsty @My Home Truths wrote this insightful post 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Became a Special Needs Parent

  7.  I did not write this but I am printing it out.

  8.  Cherry Heart Pies for Valentine's Day



  11.  I am $139.50 away from target of $1000. Thank you to those who have already donated - it is appreciated beyond measure.

  12.  Have you entered to win 2 nights in the $3500 Love Cave giveaway

  13. When I wrote my post the other mentioning "Bucket List" I had no idea the venue for Cupid's Undie Run was being held at The Bucket List ~ Bondi Beach.

February 14 is just days away ! As we inch closer to event day, now I'm sending a final push for support and donations to help me achieve  $1000 of $180,000 fundraising goal in support of the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

Raising $10,000 could go towards funding valuable research in the treatment of NF. Imagine if they raised $180,000 or more! Your efforts can help children like Chenoa, who was diagnosed with NF1 at 2 years old and has had to undergo a permanent tracheotomy to help her breathe because a large tumour has grown wrapped around her heart, left lung and major vessels. help raise funds for valuable research to help give adults and children like Chenoa hope for a better future.

So what are you waiting for? Let's reach that $180,000 goal!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ Love knows no bounds

Rain , hail and shine (yes these are our rings) Twenty six years 10:2:1990 !

He is even running along Bondi Beach in his undies on Valentine's Day !


Things that make my heart lighter

We are closer to our target today !

Cake ...though it makes my bottomline heavier. The Gluten free Orange & Almond #2 engagement cake

Beautiful Flower Bouquet from Flowers for Everyone
Flowers for Everyone offered to send me some flowers , I decided my future daughter -in-law would love them instead. Win :) Wink.

We didn't hear the doorbell with the noise of the celebrations , so it was wonderful they left them still.
In exchange for the flowers I'm giving a shout out to their fabulous competition to win two stunning nights in a flower filled Love Cave.

How romantic and gorgeous would winning this prize be !

One lucky winner will receive a $3500 value prize consisting of two nights at this exclusive couple’s retreat in the Blue Mountains (1 hr drive from Sydney), over $1300 worth of romantic flowers and Ecoya candles adorning the cave, and a bottle of Moet et Chandon and chocolates on arrival.
Photo from their webpage.

I love the song.

My new favourite family photo.

Sun rise - nothing better than waking up to this and a walk along the beach ...not that in happens much living in outback NSW.

My boys going back to school, not sure who love sit more ???? I do miss my sleepins.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Never have I ever

This prompt got me thinking. I've done a lot of things in 49yrs , still there are many things I haven't.

I fear creating a bucket list more then ever now, after three wire bristled brushes with cancer in three years.

I did write about it just days after I started my first chemo cycle threeyears ago.

 How to create a Bucket List

It's a rusty fire bucket now !

Everyone supposedly has at least one thing that they would really love to do before they die. In theory , I know for me , it's Ah, the bucket list ...hey ! I don't want to even think about it

A LONG while back I started a 101 in 1001 days , it's really a list of goals. Unfulfilled in my case after too many years.

Think like the meme 101 things before I ..., 40 before 40 etc . I'm up to 50 before 50.

While I might not actively have a bucket list that I maintain or write down - I know there is such an incredible wealth of things I could try ...better to fail than never try.

No-one knows how long or little time we have here on earth ! I feel fearful and apprehensive now still facing uncertain prognosis . Talking about my mortality does my head in , my friend Meg. passing away last week from the same malignant sarcoma and genetic disease (NF) as I have and now my young uncle in his 50's receiving devastating news of his cancer's return.

Still a Bucket list is an ingenious way to motivate myself to get the most out of life.


To not to let it all pass me by, to make me feel that I can accomplish and experience something in this wonderful life. I know I don't want to be too lazy or chicken to try things just because I might fail.

This is not my bucket list , just a random list I found on google.

Never have I ever

… had to run to save my life.
… taken part in a talent show. ~ no talent Trish
… made money by performing on the street.
… broken something at a friend’s house and then not told them.
… snooped through a friend’s bathroom or bedroom without them knowing.
… walked for more than six hours. ~ Relay for Life
… jumped from a roof.
… shoplifted.
… set my or someone else’s hair on fire by accident.
… ridden a horse.
… had a bad fall because I was walking and texting.( don’t count the poles I’ve walked into)
… been arrested.
… gone surfing.
… walked out of a movie because it was bad.
… broken a bone.
… tried to cut my own hair.
… completely forgot my lines in a play.
… shot a gun.
… had a surprise party thrown for me. Worse experience ever – hated it.
… cheated on a test...that I can recall
… dined and dashed.
… gotten stitches.
… fallen in love at first sight.
… had a paranormal experience.
… accidentally said “I love you” to someone.
… hitchhiked.
… been trapped in an elevator.
… sung karaoke in front of people.
… been on TV or the radio.
… pressed send and then immediately regretted it.
… been so sun burnt I couldn’t wear a shirt.
… been awake for two days straight.
… thrown up on a roller coaster.
… dyed my hair a crazy color.
… had someone slap me across the face.
… worked with someone I hated with the burning passion of a thousand suns.
… danced in an elevator.
… cried in public because of a song.
… texted for four hours straight.
… chipped a tooth.
… gone hunting…unless you count boys
… had a tree house.
… been to a country in Asia.
… been screamed at by a customer at my job.
… spent a night in the woods with no shelter.
… read a whole novel in one day.
… gone vegan.
… been without heat for a winter or without A/C for a summer.
… gone scuba diving.
… lied about a family member dying as an excuse to get out of doing something.
… bungee jumped.
… been to a country in Africa.
… been on a fad diet.
… been to a fashion show.
… been electrocuted.
… had a bad allergic reaction.
… been in an embarrassing video that was uploaded to YouTube.
… thought I was going to drown.
… worked at a fast food restaurant.
… fainted.
… looked through someone else’s phone without their permission.
 ....  Done a nudie opps I mean undie run in public

please get behind me

I Must Confess

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