Monday, 30 November 2015

Taking Stock - November

Life has been hectic and I'm riding the waves of mixed emotions.

I hope my knee surgery for very damaged cartiliage last Thursday is successful so I can get back to doing all the things I love and unfortunately the cleaning.

The Orthopedic surgeon said I also have significant arthritis in my knee and since I'm a youngen' (love this guy) they'll try to stetch me out a few years before the replacement I'll eventually need.

November 30 did this happen ?

Time to take stock

Making : My Bulbura Plant design - I'l show you tomorrow.
Cooking : the best Chocolate Brownies later
Drinking : Australian Afternoon tea in the morning - rule breaker to the end
Reading: Finishing Dune Road ... starting our Christmas Book Advent read tomorrow.
Wanting: Speedy healing after my knee surgery
Looking: All the Christmas decorations.
Playing: Christmas Carols already loving the Spirit of Christmas CD 

Proceeds raised from the sale of this CD will support The Salvation Armys family and domestic violence services

Deciding: What to buy my minions for Christmas
Wishing: I wasn't so stressed
Enjoying: sound of silence ...except for the dishwasher
Waiting: for the cleaning fairy
Liking: Hand stamped delights as a teacher's gift maybe
Wondering: why breast Cancer is the gift that keeps on giving (stupid early arthritis in
Loving: this Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar idea
Pondering: What if this is as good as it gets (my crappy knee in particular)
Considering: De-cluttering and cleaning the office
Buying: Christmas Books
Watching: my weight (Breast Cancer meds are packing it on quicker than I can exercise)
Hoping: I can get back to paddling soon.
Marvelling: Stools and furniture carved from fallen trees - could my hubby do this with the chainsaw he gave me for my birthday a few years back.

Cringing: at the amount of yelling I do " Shut the door" "Be quiet" "Leave your brother alone"
Needing: a holiday , to get more sleep and bi focals.
Questioning: why I don't go to bed earlier. It's my fault.
Smelling: Mangoes
Wearing: Bonds shorts and pj top- very glam I am.
Noticing: Clutter and chaos
Following: a careful path around said clutter and chaos to protect my knee
Knowing: this too will pass
Thinking: to do lists for the man of the house
Admiring: All the cookies want cookies.
Sorting: Business activity statement paperwork
Getting: Frustrated because I can't do much with my knee recovering
Bookmarking: All the Christmas recipes
Coveting: A new iPad
Disliking: Ants and Flies
Opening: the books I ordered
Giggling: time well wasted reading - Bloggeress "Awkwarding is what brings us all together "
Feeling: out of sorts with a mild bout of depression and why the f' me.
Snacking: Australian green grape$
Helping: Push for Palliative committee - the most daunting thing
Hearing: Voices in my head that will not shut-up.

I Must Confess
~ Random Confessions

You can make a list too, you know you want to!
Pip and I would love to read it!
Let us know if you do this too!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A few of my favourite things Myer Giftorium

What can I say - you have to see it for yourself Myer Giftorium is reminiscent of all the Christmas movies, childhood stories and everything magical about Christmas.

The launch was colourful, bustling and bursting with excitement.

I spy Sam - The Annoyed Thyroid.

Marvin's magic is back too...Sam was waiting for Marvin
Eyes were popping and for once my boys were momentarily speechless until the "MUM, look" "MUM can I have?"

This still works - best whispered !

 If you're  tryin’ to decide between getting someone a CD , a wine rack or a 20 piece dinner set or a GIANT jar of personalised Nutella - go the Nutella !

Though with 2.5 million gifts across the Myer range - you never run out of options.

A bargain at $12.95.

Myer is the only place to get your personalised jar in store or online.

Myer Giftoriums across Australia have the same basic kit (with a few exceptions with specialist Pop up brands like Build a bear, Benefit and Dilmah tea.) A sensational festive and fun - one stop shop.

Lot of Pop- up shops featuring

Peanuts , Mr Men/Little Miss Cartoon prints.

All the kid's from 0 -99 yrs favourites from Disney , Frozen, Toy Story, Mickey & Minnie, Avengers and Inside out.

shop 100,000 items of STARWARS merchandise (not just Lego) from this year's biggest film release.

the Mini Drones caught my lads attention - and their Christmas list. MR will like this too.

Do you hate gift shopping ? Myer takes away the pain - with 180 personalised specially trained Christmas “Gifticians.

Gifticians will suggest gifts from - Myer's seven Christmas gift giving themes  For Her, For Him, Tech Guru, Kid’s Cubby, Paw’s Corner, Stocking Fillers and the Food Fanatic.

Martini glasses for HER

 The Santa train ride has a height restriction , so my boys missed a ride . Book your Santa Cave visit and skip the queue with 120,000 children predicted to see the big guy.  

Personalised wallets, key and luggage tags - a unique gift for someone who has everything. Embossed on the spot or online - order before Dec15th

Santa Sacks and stockings embroidered so Dad and Dave don't get the wrong jocks n socks.

I got my Secret santa / Kris Kringle male gift nailed at Stocking Fillers ! I can't show you the rest. Shhh it's a secret.

This was a HOT item - Bazinga
Such gorgeous Trees with all the trimmings.

Fitness was my pick - spoilt for choice - now for the boys to point Dad in the right direction.

Have you got my present yet, Darling ?

I loved free gift wrapping service too.

My sons and I were invited guests thanks to Kids Business and Myer - we recieved a gift voucher to use on the day and an awesome swag bag with a 2015 Teddy bear. Dilmah tea, "Trish" Nutella and a few other goodies including the 2015

The proceeds raised from the sale of this CD will support The Salvation Armys family and domestic violence services.

We spent over 3hrs in the Myer Sydney Giftorium and I can't wait to visit our local Giftorium.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas ?

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