Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Heads or Tails .... V words Villians, Vincent van Gogh or vandals

Today's theme for H OR T meme is Vote or V words .

I was thinking there are not that many V words.
Vote ... I voted not to use vote~ there is a big Federal (Australia wide) Election looming and I am over the politics already. I have no idea which way to vote. so I won't bore you with this.

V- there is vacation which we are shortly to be taking. A kind of work on the way vacation.

- we are venturing to the North and will see many stunning views. Vigour - I hope it renews our vigour and we come back revitalised. We have both been very tired in our vocations.

Variety - along the way we will eat a vast variety of vivers (hopefully not too much takeway) and do a variety of activities.

I hope I am not too Vinolent - (addicted to wine) we might not see many vines unless we return via the vineyards.
This year has all but vanished.Christmas is almost here .Soon S & J will be due for their Varicella vaccination and then nothing till they start school ... scary huh !

This morning I let the terrors out of my view briefly ... come on you say - you did what ?

Later S handed me a blunt lead pencil ... I snatched it away quickly and put it out of reach ... too late!
The little villain (or villains) or would you rather I say vandals, or framing it positively > mini Vincent van Goghs ... did this along the hallway walls.

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