Friday, 6 June 2008

52 blessings grateful Fridays

Today I am grateful that I live in peaceful country and that I have so many freedoms. Our troops are also coming home. I saw this song somewhere -

Reading the blog blast for peace posts was very insightful to how blessed many of us are.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the last post.I really enjoyed your answers.I learnt a few things. It is amazing how far the blogsosphere stretches.

Years ago we would never how known what life was like on other continents unless we read or traveled a lot.

Tonight we have a celebration - a family dinner tonight for my sister's birthday.It was fun and good food my Mum cooked.

My week ... It has been a busy week visiting new NCLM blogs.I have been visiting more than 5 per day - I am enjoying it. I even cleared my Google reader today.I spend a lot of time reading and commenting lately.

So far I have been sticking to my June goals ... with the best of intentions.

I have been riding my exercise bike every night started with 15mins , then 4 nights of 20 mins - plus I do 5 mins warm up and cool down. It has been so tough ...OMG I didn't realise how unfit I was. I am a very lazy housekeeper so I have to get off this seat more I think.

I have been turning the computer off by 12midnight'ish.

I have eaten less chocolate but that cake .... I couldn't waste it so I had a piece or three.Then the Tool man took the last 2 pieces to work I cursed applauded him !

The apples I have had a few ...

I got to the playgroup car park by 10.04am.

I got 3 days of posts up before 3-4pm.

Tomorrow I plan to plant some seedlings.

More to do's ...
spend more time playing with my precious little boys ... my days go by in the blink of an eye and I can't believe they are almost 2.
smile more ... worry less
laugh more ...whinge less
love more ... love more
love more ... link more ;;;

Eat more chocolate fruit ... but since we are fundraising I do have a good excuse now.

.. right I had better go to bed

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